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 Canning Town Caravanserai
Author: JesseVoss (124.124.14.---)
Date:   05-11-18 13:02


In preparation for our summer school TEST-UNIT we’ve been looking at other meanwhile use projects. A really great example is The Caravanserai in Canning Town. Before the London 2012 Olympic Games a competition was launched to find ‘meanwhile’ uses for three prominent brownfield sites in the Royal Docks and Canning Town. Ash Sakula’s winning competition entry, the Canning Town Caravanserai, is located on a site opposite Canning Town station in one of the most ethnically diverse and most deprived wards in London. Over five years their temporary and low-budget project became an urban oasis, a living manifesto for a new generation of urban public space that integrated forums, facilities, workshops and workspaces, all collaboratively produced by hosts and guests.

For more details:
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