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 Outposts and Caravanserai
Author: JesseVoss (124.124.14.---)
Date:   05-14-18 09:54


I had for something else that could be done with encounter maps: Outposts and Caravanserai. (Which would basically be the same thing, but used for different purposes.) For outposts, lets say you’ve exhausted all your surface steel, and don’t have access to deep drilling. To get more steel without needing to buy it, you’d send a caravan to a nearby mountain or hills hex, and set up an outpost. That would just create a semi-permanent encounter map that you’d be able to mine in, then bring what you’d gathered back to your home base. Caravanserai would be the same, but instead of being intended for resource gathering, they’d be supply drops and semi-secure places for caravans to rest and heal, or relay points for drop pods.

For more details:
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