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 Travel Questions
Author: crowek (115.254.26.---)
Date:   06-22-18 16:39


I know I have a bunch of stuff written down at home in a sort of random list of stuff I've been wondering about so I'll have to add more as I'm at work now but figured I'd start this thread now as I'm likely not the only one wondering about various things and I can add more later if I can't remember it now.I think most of my questions have to do with packing for my flight. I think I remember hearing that security issues forced people to start packing certain things in their luggage instead of their carry-on, especially any containers made for carrying liquids as these could be swapped with flammables. I guess I'll just post a list of things I'm wondering about and ppl can reply with what they know.Shots - Do I need to see my doc to get any kind of immunizations for Mexico? I know ppl traveling to parts of Asia get them but hadn't thought of this until now.Vitamins and prescription meds - Do they all need to be in original containers? I imagine so for prescriptions but am hoping not so for vitamins as I'd rather just bring 6 of each pill rather than 5 full bottles. Should these be in carry-on or packed luggage or either one?

Please help.

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